Cary Basketball Association

2019/2020 CBA Pure Sweat Sessions - SIGN-UP ONLY


Sign-Up - CBA Pure Sweat Skills Sessions

The CBA is very excited to offer anyone playing in the CBA (Rec or Travel) an opportunity to advance their basketball skills by attending the Pure Sweat Training Academy in Crystal Lake!


The CBA has partnered with Pure Sweat to offer CBA families significantly discounted 60-minute personal training sessions at $50 for 5 sessions ($10/session vs. $25-30/session).


There will be 10 "Beginner Sessions" (2nd-4th grade) and 10 "Advanced Sessions" (5th-8th grade) will begin on Wednesday, December 11 and will conclude on Wednesday, March 11.


Each session will be limited to 10 players. You may only assign session packages to one child per family. If you have multiple kids interested in these sessions, you will need to purchase multiple packages and sign them up separately.


NOTE: This is just signing your kids up for the sessions, there will be a separate registration link for payment information that should be available the week of December 9th


Please direct questions to:

Matt Batt

President, CBA